Organ Specific Cancers

Organ Specific Cancers

All the organs in the human Body can be affected by the Cancer. To list some organ specific Cancers

Once an organ is completely affected by the Cancer then the cancer cells are free to move and affect surrounding cells.

Till date more than 200 types of the cancers have been identified by the researchers. The level of threat also depends upon the area/Organ affected by Cancer.

  1. Lung Cancer

Also known as Lung Carcinoma is the abnormal and uncontrolled growth of the cells in the Lungs. These cancer cells are malignant in nature hence there is risk that these cells. By the process of Metastasis, move into other organs. This is most common cancer diagnosed among men. Often lung cancer is associated with the people who smoke.

Carcinogens present in the Tobacco and other products which people consume result in mutation in the cancer genes and yield cancer cells. The pollution also have been playing major role in causing lung cancer. Many of the Carcinogens are also present in the air which when consumed will result in giving raise to Cancer Cells.

  1. Breast Cancer

It is considered to be the most common Cancer among humans, if not at least among the women Population. According to a Survey conducted in 2015 around 2.1 Million people were affected by this and among this population 5.3 lack were killed. First appears like a typical lump in the breast tissues, which later undergoes metastasis and invades all other cells in the Breast.

Most likely factors responsible for the Breast Cancer are Smoking, Lifestyle and Inheritance.

This is the hot topic among the Cancer Researchers around the globe for last few years. It is to be noted that even after so much researches the numbers associated with this have been increasing. This is considered to be due to less known facts and less awareness among the people.

  1. Liver Cancer
  2. Throat Cancer
  3. Prostate Cancer
  4. Cervical Cancer
  5. Stomach Cancer
  6. Leukaemia
  7. Pancreatic Cancer


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